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Wages Manager

Wages Manager is designed to make pay day amazingly simple for employers

Your wages, PAYG tax withholding and superannuation obligations are so simple with Wages Manager. It is uniquely designed to protect employers by automating as much of the payroll function as possible in accordance with the Tax Laws and Tax Office rulings.

Wages Manager is the first program to automatically calculate the tax rates for employees to make sure you deduct the correct tax, and to automatically calculate superannuation to save you from Tax Office fines. Like all Cashflow Manager products, Wages Manager has a full 90 day money back guarantee so there is no risk in giving it a try.

Wages Manager is very comprehensive, but amazingly simple to use whether you have one employee or a hundred.

"As a business migrant new to Australia, I have found Wages Manager extremely helpful in getting me through the tax, super, BAS and all associated things which are totally new to me, and have cut my time spent trying to calculate these things myself by at least half. THANK YOU!!!"
(Debbie Diamantis, Boo Hairdressing)


  • Calculates pays and generates pay slips for employees whether they're on an hourly rate, a salary base or even a piece rate
  • Automatically selects the correct tax withholding scale for employees based on forms they must complete for the Tax Office
  • Automatically calculates PAYG tax withholdings and superannuation contributions for your employees' pays
  • Includes flexibility for employees with multiple pay rates, allowances, deductions etc.
  • Meeting your employer superannuation obligations is amazingly simple. Wages Manager automatically calculates your superannuation contributions, provides the reports for your employees, and even has a Superannuation Guarantee Audit Report to save you days or even weeks if you get a tax audit.
  • All the information you need for both employees and the Australian Taxation Office comes from within the Wages Manager program so that end of year processing just takes minutes.
  • Comprehensive list of reports help you manage your business and meet your employer obligations for tax and super

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